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& Maintenance
Thank You From The Factory

Thank you for choosing an Alutex awning. You have selected the finest retractable awning on the market today. Its outstanding features have been designed to provide you and your family with years of satisfaction and sun protection. Although our products have virtually no need for any maintenance, the following few suggestions can help to preserve their intrinsic quality. Because awnings are products conceived to operate outdoors, they are subjected to weather conditions, exposure to acid rain, and pollution. Here are few suggestions to better preserve their quality for the years to come:

Maintenance Instructions

Your Alutex awning is the result of the combination of three major elements: The frame, The fabric, and The operating control.

The fabric is the main component of your awning and by being in direct contact with weather conditions, it is the first element subjected to pollution. Its 100% solution dyed composition provides mold and mildew resistance, and its fibers although not waterproof are treated to offer high water repellency. The fabric carries a 5 year limited warranty against rot, mildew, variation in dimensional stability, and color fading under normal conditions of sun exposure, salinity and atmospheric chemical pollution. Damages due to factors beyond control; acts of God, stains from organic material, mechanical wear and tear, or fraudulent acts are not covered. When applicable, its warranty is limited to the replacement of the fabric, and labor costs are not covered.

For its best maintenance it is advisable to:

  • Remove dust periodically from the fabric when dry, with a soft brush.
  • Wash with warm water (100°F) and mild detergent for stubborn dirt.
  • Use a dry spotting agent such as Picrin by R.R. Street or VDS by Laidlaw.
  • These products are available from a dry cleaning supply store.
  • Never use any other chemical products bleach based or harsh detergents to clean the fabric.

Note: All acrylic fabrics are treated with a fluorurated-resin finish that can present web effects visible against the light due to folding during sewing and make-up with consequent optical effect of refraction. These effects are particularly visible on light solid colored fabrics. Such webs, also known as “cobwebs”, are not a factory defect, are inevitable and cannot be claimed under warranty.

The frame is designed to operate under stringent dynamic conditions and its parts do not need virtually any maintenance, beside periodic clean up from polluting elements. Water and mild soap are sufficient to maintain the powder coated finish of your metal frame, and keep it clean and shining.

The operating control also is designed to keep your awning operational without any need for maintenance. Manual controls should always be operated by turning the provided crank in line with the gear shaft. By operating the gear at an angle it could eventually wear out the gear mechanism and result in the gear shifting around its side support. Should your awning have been supplied with an electric control system, electric adjustments should not be applied without the assistance of a professional awning installer. Wrong motor set up could result in overheating and motor wear out.

Alutex advises that even though its products have been designed and produced with the most advanced technological materials, retractable awnings are intended to provide shade only and should be retracted in impervious weather conditions. Since retractable awnings should only be used as “sun shade products”, Alutex’s warranty does not cover damages to awnings left open in wind or weather situations. In no event will Alutex be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from installation and/or any misuse of its products.

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