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Sun and Glare Control

Product Description

Simple in its design and practical in blocking UV rays while reducing indoor heat and glare, Amalfi is the perfect and most straightforward solution to exterior rolling shade needs. Its frame is available in white or brown colors.

Offered with any colorful acrylic fabric from solid to stripe patterns, Amalfi is also available with white, gray, or black solar screen fabrics able to eliminate up to 90% of undesired solar energy effects while reducing air conditioning costs by up to 60%.

Thanks to their manufacturing process, solar screen fabrics provide a textile-woven look with discrete transparency and the dissipation of solar heat due to the passing of air through their fibers.

Product Features


Engineered to satisfy the most stringent mechanical requirements, its arms are tested to last twice the expected life span commonly referred to by the industry, and its stainless steel cables are protected with a UV-resistant coating to increase their endurance.


Amalfi’s sleek design has been achieved to enhance the value of your home. With the wide variety of colors offered today by hundreds of vivid fabrics, the finish of its parts, its compact look when retracted, and the flexuosity of its arms when fully extended, Amalfi has the look you want.


They say elegance is to stand inconspicuously. So, the discrete design of Amalfi is meant to blend with the siding of your house while extending your presence to your immediate outdoors, lending graceful ambiance to any setting. You will appreciate Amalfi’s generous size and uncommon strength.


Built only with the finest materials, Amalfi frames are finished with electrostatic powder-coated epoxy paint on all its parts to ensure the most durable yet elegant finish against chipping, cracking, and fading. Like all Alutex products, Amalfi is covered by a ten-year warranty.

Product Highlights

The side rail system of Amalfi can be secured to the ground as well as along the window siding.

Amalfi’s front bar can move silently along the side rails thanks to its Teflon wheels that guarantee its smooth operation.

Amalfi’s light frame is easy to install around any window molding with the simple use of light hardware tools.
When ordered with its optional cassette, Amalfi’s fabric can fully roll up and disappear at its top for complete protection. Light and compact back brackets allow a quick and simple installation of a cassette either on a vertical siding or under a horizontal ceiling.

Amalfi’s metal parts are offered in white or brown powder coating standard finish, or any custom color available upon request.
When ordered with an optional hood, Amalfi is supplied with wall hood brackets

Technical Specifications

Width Range
4′ to 18′ (1/4″ increment)
Projection Range
4′ to 12′
Side dimension w/Hood
5″ H x 8″ W
Side size w/out Hood
4″ H x 4″ W


Hood Shape


Hood Shape
Optional 4″x4″
Opening Control

Manual Gear or Motorized

Installation Option
Wall, Soffit
Bracket Size
4″ H x 2″ W x 4″ L
Drop Down Valance
Fabric Options

Over 300 acrylic patterns

Leg Kit


Standard Frame Color

White, Brown

Custom Frame Color

Any (on request)

Frame Warranty

10 Years

Product Options


Alutex selects only the finest fabric on the market. Please visit the following links and follow the instructions referring to their awning fabric collection:

Hood & Sides

All Alutex awnings are offered with optional hood and hood ends. A hood is an optional aluminum roof for the awning to protect it from snow and rain when fully retracted. Optional hood ends are also available to complete the protective design provided with the hood.


The advanced technology today available to every field of our modern life has developed sophisticated solutions also for the control of the awning and shading systems. All Alutex products are powered by Somfy, the most advanced manufacturer of tubular motors and electrical accessories on the market today. Somfy holds over 450 active patents and constantly develops new products and technologies that reshape the industry, bringing new levels of convenience, comfort, security, and energy savings to end users. Here is a quick, easy overview of some features available with our products. For more thorough information on our selection, please refer to

Product Highlights 

When we refer to how to motorize an Alutex product, customers can select between two major solutions, with or without override crank service:

Without override service
With override service able to provide manual control in case of blackout
The Eolis 3D WireFreeTM RTS Wind Sensor is a wireless, battery powered wind sensor that will automatically retract an awning based on wind generated movements even when you are away. Battery powered, has an indicator to alert you when the battery needs to be replaced.
Ondeis is a solar-powered combined rain and sun sensor compatible with Radio Technology Somfy® motorized exterior products, including awnings, and screens. The Sensor is completely wireless and uses optical rain-sensing technology to measure rainfall and sends an RTS command when rainfall exceeds the user-selected threshold. The Sensor also utilizes a sun- level sensor that sends an RTS command when sunlight exceeds the user-selected threshold.

With specific reference to their way to be connected to the power source, both motors can be selected as:

Standard Power Solution (hard-wired and controlled by a classical wall switch)

RTS Solution (with plug wire and controlled by a remote transmitter)

The Smoover RTS surface mounted wall switch avoids cutting into drywall. This single channel, battery-operated solution is easy to install and does not require an electrician. Available with 7 decorative color frames , users can easily complement any decor.

The myLink app by Somfy puts you in control, so that you can operate your motorized solutions whether you are home or not. At work and realized you forgot to close your shades for the day? Not a problem. With a simple tap of myLink app you can close all your shades.

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